D&D(eez nutz)

As threatened, this is where I’ll post my Dungeons & Dragons writing. I’m currently Dungeon Mastering my first mostly-homebrewed on-going campaign (my second campaign in total) for my fiancée and friends. Despite being a lurching, living corpse that was first reanimated in the distant year of nineteen-hundred and eighty-four, I’ve only been playing D&D since 2015. It’s still a fresh, new exciting hobby for me! I’m getting good reviews from my players too, so I thought, what the hell? Why not share my writing and see if any players, DMs, or just plain ol’ bored people will find it entertaining, if not inspiring?

Seaward! An introduction to my current Homebrew campaign

I did it all for Tanuki! A quick, non-homebrew way to play as legendary trickster spirits from Japanese folklore!

D&D Cheat Sheet A fast and breezy beginner’s guide to the core guts of the game.

It’s also a great excuse for me to find and share weird old 70s/80s D&D art.