MCTW Podcast

Monsters_Conquer_Placeholder_1000x1000In May of 2019, with a Herculean (Godzillaian?) amount of help, camaraderie and patience from my buddy Ralph (maker of kick-ass music under the evocative nom de music Snakepiss) Monsters Conquer the World spawned its very own podcast! 

MCTW Podcast of course has radioactive kaiju blood surging through its veins, but it’s a distinct creature from the MCTW Blog! In addition to killer kaiju and mega movie monsters, we dip our claws into creepy and compelling cryptids, hyphy horror, and even the occasional episode that totally defies categorization! And like any good atomic monster, it’s still mutating and expanding!

So like the Sitemap for the blog itself, this page is a fast, easy-to-use index for podcast episodes. You’ll see what we’ve cooked up so far below… but before we jump into that, I have to warn you about THE SHADOW EPISODES.  If you join the ranks of our alluring and brilliant patrons, you’ll have access to a top-secret, ever-growing parallel universe of MCTW Podcast episodes. Consider it, but know that I warned you.

Oh yeah, you can also find (non-shadow) episodes wherever you normally get your favorite podcasts from! And if you can’t become a Patron, you can still help us out big time by subscribing and/or rating us on your favorite podcast platform, yakking about it on social media or with real life friends, or by getting a full back tattoo of Ralph and I doing radical skateboard tricks on huge slices of pizza.

Okay, enough insane horseshit, here are the eps!