Who ya gonna call? The Science Patrol!


Watching through the classic Ultraman series continues to be a wildly entertaining ride, but one of my favorite aspects of the show has (surprisingly) been the Science Patrol.

This is because the Science Patrol are absolutely, unmistakably proto-Ghostbusters.  

And Ghostbusters is still my undisputed number one favorite movie of all time.

Don’t believe me?  Try and guess which team I’m describing:

They are plucky, lovable nerds that cruise around in a (potentially inappropriate for the job) vintage car decked out with their logo, wear iconic jumpsuits, utilize wacky new tech they invent on the fly, and shoot radical but insanely dangerous lightning-lasers at freaky-ass supernatural monsters in a modern setting.  Said supernatural monsters include man-sized undead horrors AND skyscraper-sized demigods.  Their HQ features a fireman’s pole.  They have an awesomely catchy/singable theme song.


If the Science Patrol are Ghostbusters, obviously Ultraman is Slimer.

Basically twins.

Super nerd bonus round: The original storyboards for Ghostbusters had them wearing Science Patrol-style helmets with adjustable visors:


Yeah yeah Pygmon is probably a closer fit for Slimer than Ultraman, but it’s funnier to accuse Ultraman of being an ugly little spud.  A disgusting blob if you will. The ghost of John Belushi (Aykroyd’s words, not mine!) as it were.

This is a buddy comedy I would 100% watch though.

7 thoughts on “Who ya gonna call? The Science Patrol!

  1. Damn, I’ve never seen that storyboard! That’s hilarious! You know for a second there I thought you just cranked out another series of episode reviews and almost spat something out, but this is good too. We’re coming dangerously close to one of the most cynical and depressing episodes in the entire franchise, so you know, get your tear ducts ready for that one. Keep On Truckin’, my dude!

    • Yeah, the Ghostbusters storyboards are a trip: so much of it wasn’t finalized until the last second! I’m a big fan of the deleted scene where Lous Tully (possessed by Vinz Clortho–and planned to be portrayed by John Candy!) melts a gang of punks with some kind of spectral heat-breath:

      If the inspiration strikes, I’d love to do more mini-posts like this in the future. I’m especially geeked to put this out since It’ll be a little while before my next block of Ultra reviews: this month I’m doing Pacific Rim Uprising and next month I’m doing Rampage. Gotta get my Ultra fix when I can! I’ve been toying with knocking out the occasional single-episode review, but I think it’s more fun to do ’em in blocks of episodes.

      Speaking of getting my Ultra fix… I’ve finally checked out a few episodes of Ultraman Leo over on Shout Factory and a few episodes off my Ultraseven DVD set. I think I’m hooked man. ULTRA hooked.

      • Well alright man! I’m glad you’re expanding your horizons. Did you uh… get to THAT episode in Ultraman Leo yet? The one with the kids and their dad?

      • Hahah, not yet! I’ve just seen the first couple episodes of both. Knowing the little bit I do of Leo’s reputation I am both excited and nervous!

  2. Wunderbar! Your innocence can be held onto for just a little bit longer… or for at least one more episode. I don’t know why Leo decided to take the turn that it did for it’s series, but I believe it had something to do with people complaining that Taro was too kid friendly. Well anyway, I suppose I’ll go now. It’s 1:30 in the morning and El Rey is playing this weird Insane Clown Posse movie, who’s soundtrack is mostly composed of loud, guttural screaming and it’s honestly making it hard for me to concentrate. as always, I look forward to your next post! Ciao!

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