MCTW Podcast: Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster!

A1mC2faIfpL._SY679_Holy shit!  A full-blown, for-realsies podcast episode! I (a monster movie fanatic) yak with Ralph (a kaiju-curious new guy) about Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster! I’ve got the trivia nugs and industry secrets, but Ralph’s fresh eyes see a thoughtful, deeper meaning in the mayhem! Plus we frame the subs vs. dubs debate with the timeless classic Hercules in New York, reflect on the heart-wrenching father-son drama of A Goofy Movie, channel the wandering spirit of Don Knotts, get FUCKING PSYCHED about Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and more! Open the link below, slap that play button and join us!

Like it? If so, SICK! We’re gonna do more! You can find us pretty much anywhere you get podcasts (the iTunes store, Spotify, Stitcher, and coming soon to the Google Play Store). Bon appetit!… for your ears?!?!

4 thoughts on “MCTW Podcast: Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster!

  1. Got to watch this with my family on the 11th; I did talk during the movie and my mom really didn’t like it. I’m the only one in the family who is crazy about this. Shame there isn’t anyone in my hometown that is the geologic center of the Bluegrass state that’s a lady that isn’t as crazy about this franchise as I am; so lonely….especially after the death of my grandfather- who was my inspiration for everything- passed away nearly 5 years ago.

    Other news, been watching a lot of Kaiju flicks, like the one I got for my birthday: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, the film that kickstarted the entire kaiju genera.

    I got 5 Godzilla shirts to wear this week up to the premiere of KOTM.
    Monday: Imagine this on a gray T-shirt
    Tuesday: G84 with the World Destruction Tour and back has the many locations Godzilla has destroyed
    Wednesday: Black T-shirt: The Great Wave off Kangawa but with Godzilla Monsterverse made out of the waves
    Thursday: Gray T-shirt with Monsterverse Goji
    Friday: Reddish T-shirt, Monsterverse Goji with the text: Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

    Oh and here’s my design for Godzilla in my upcoming story; at least the attributes I’m using

    Godzilla aspects:
    1. Showa- the color of the dorsal plates: white edges with a black center; the eyebrow ridges
    2. Heisei- the muscles and head shape complete with the short ears
    3. 1999/2000- shape of the dorsal plates
    4. 2004- basic body plan
    5. Legendary pictures- posture, armor plating, gills that are covered by armor on land, and the blue glowing lines on the dorsal plates
    6. Anime- the chin spikes

    Prehistoric animals:
    1. T-rex- the teeth
    2. Stegosaurus- neck armor
    3. Iguanodon- thumb spike
    4. Carnotaurus- armor plating around the dorsal plates

    Modern animals:
    1. Crocodile- tail shape

    1. Gojira- arm muscles of gorilla and tail has Mosasaur paddle at the end

    • That sounds like a dope Godzilla design, you should try drawing it or painting it or sculpting it or sewing it or 3D modeling it or building it with Lego blocks!

      It can be strange and kind of tough being a kaiju fan–you want to share the fun with everybody you know, but it’s just not everybody’s cup of tea. Maybe King of the Monsters will change that, but I’m not counting on it. Not because I don’t think it’ll be good–the exact opposite actually: it’s sounding like a fucking buckwild slab of brain-candy… for the people that already GET kaiju (or at the very least are open to a narrative where the monsters steal the spotlight from human characters). This isn’t a dig against non-fans either! We all have different tastes, and those differences make the world a richer, more interesting place.

      My big thing was learning to read the room: you can feel out who will be open to Godzilla and his city-stomping pals and who won’t. I will never forget when I was at new hire orientation like a decade or so ago and the old “tell us something about yourself” ice breaker came up. I thought “well I’m surrounded by normies, I won’t name drop Godzilla or kaiju specifically” and so I told the group I collected old horror flicks and B-movies and stuff (which is a deflection but still true). Even after couching it SO CAREFULLY they still looked at me like I had ripped my pants off and started smearing shit on the walls. They probably would have called the cops if I specifically said “I love kaiju!”

      There’s also SO much wildly different kaiju media to choose from now that the genre is like 90 years old (I count the original King Kong as the genre’s founder). Maybe people in your inner circle will be more interested in the more thoughtful and thematic movies like the original Gojira or Shin Godzilla. Maybe they’re a better match for the insanely wacky shit like Godzilla vs. Megalon or Godzilla Final Wars. As MST3k fans and lovers of so-bad-it’s-good cinema, most of my friend group naturally fell into that second category, and I have plenty of fond memories organizing viewing parties for movies like Godzilla’s Revenge and Gamera vs. Guiron.

      And if all that fails, save up some money and hit up G-Fest in July! Kaiju Mecca! (Or Mecha? 😉 ) Actually, I recommend making a trip to G-Fest no matter what if you can swing it, that shit is R A D. It’s absolutely the most fun, most efficient way to meet tons of passionate monster fans.

      • Thanks. I want my Godzilla to embody this title: King of the Monsters. To do that, I borrowed traits from the various Godzilla’s, prehistoric animals that he’s often compared to- my version is a HIGHLY evolved Abelisaur, theropods that have armor like a crocodile but arms so small, they make T-Rex arms look big, crocodiles, and of course what his name means in Japanese. Though my art skills aren’t really good; I can picture something in my head but can’t bring it to life without it looking different unless I have a lot of references in front of me. I’m going to be requesting someone to do art of Goji for me.


        That short speech was amazing and very fitting. But there are several flaws for me:
        1. I’m super shy around women and not very social; heck when I’m on my college campus, only place I’m at besides classes is the Library since my family doesn’t have enough money for me to live at a dorm and I don’t think I’d do well on my own just yet.
        2. I have Aspergers which is now called Social Pragmatic Communications Disorder because the former name is the name of a Nazi Dr. Let that medical, mental, condition speak for itself
        3. This summer- and next summer- I have to take online english classes for college so that puts a damper on travel.

        Plus when it comes to convention stuff, I’m usually more interested in looking at stuff I want or meeting people that are part of a franchise I’m a big fan of; that and adding on the previous statements I mentioned, I have no idea where the other people are from.

        My best bet: when I go see KOTM, look for someone of my age group that is female that is interested, and hopefully sit near them and after the movie chat with them for a bit and maybe get contact info.

        And to showcase one last bit of my pain for love and coping with loss:
        1. “Positive” reaction to me looking for a girl: sitting at a bar, drinking a mug of root beer, laughing hard while Star Wars Cantina music plays. Me: Myself in a relationship?! *Laughs harder*
        2. Negative reaction: in a a bar, head down, sad, straw connecting to a barrel full of root beer while requiem from G vs Destroyah plays. Me: Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely….

        You can give any kind of comment to me talking about my status; I can take it.

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