MCTW Podcast: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

godzilla-kingofthemonsters-japaneseposter-full-700x991Ralph and I saw Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so you better believe we’ve got a big, juicy, turgid new episode of the Monsters Conquer the World podcast ready and waiting for you! We’re on the Google Podcasts app now, so you can’t escape us! We’re everywhere!  But in a cool, fun way. Like cheeky prankster ghosts or helpful, centipede-eating spiders.

We dig into the great, the good, and the uh not-quite-as-good aspects of the film. We go frickin’ spoiler crazy starting at 14:50, so you’ve been warned! Ralph is as insightful as ever, but there is also a non-zero chance he may hail from a parallel dimension.  We also wax philosophical on the World’s Strongest Man competition, cinematic treasure Jason X, and  indulge in some extended Bradley Whitford appreciation.  Either hit us up on your pod-catcher of choice or click below and SMURSH that play button:

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7 thoughts on “MCTW Podcast: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    • Nope, still planning monthly written reviews. May got missed for a number of reasons, but even with that I’m still doing better than the second half of 2018. Still getting back on the horse, still trying to get that groove back.

  1. I’ve seen both versions of “Hercules in New York.” The original audio track with Arnold’s real voice was the international version of the film and was released onto U.S. DVD in 2000. The U.S. theatrical version is where they dubbed Arnold (and it is also on that 2000 DVD).

    How is turning Rodan from an incredibly brave monster into a sniveling, little, punk-ass bitch “doing right” by him? He’s Godzilla’s equal… not Starscream.

    How does Ralph not know that Ghidorah is an alien when you literally JUST did a podcast about “Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster”???

    Was Godzilla’s underground lair in the Pacific Ocean or was it the Atlantic? If it was the Pacific wouldn’t that be Mu rather than Atlantis?

    I disagree with your assertion that Gamera gets his ass kicked in every movie at first. In the first fight in “Gamera vs. Gaos,” Gamera nearly gets his arm cut off and STILL manages to chase off Gaos. He only leaves to get Eiichi out of there, not to flee from Gaos. Gaos is just standing there watching like “Yeah, I’m done here.” In “Gamera vs. Viras,” there’s only the one fight. In “Gamera vs. Guiron,” Gamera and Guiron act like they really don’t want to be fighting each other. In “Gamera vs. Jiger,” Gamera straight up kicks Jiger’s ass every time out. Jiger only gets on top of him by cheating. Same with “Gamera vs. Zigra.” Gamera beats Zigra’s ass in the sea, then on land and Zigra just cheats with a paralyzing ray.

    Do you really not think Godzilla leading the army of monsters at the end of “Destroy All Monsters” is not him being the King of the Monsters?

    • Rodan classically gives no shits and to my mind can have a pretty mercurial temperament–it’s one of my favorite things about him. In KOTM that means aligning with whoever’s the biggest bad-ass at that moment. It’s not my favorite personality for Rodey, but I’m not that busted up about it either, especially considering this: we don’t fully know what Ghidorah’s chatter (and the Orca) does to monsters’ brains. It’s just as likely that Rodan was brainwashed out of his gourd for a good chunk of the movie, only coming to his senses when Mothra fucking shanked him. Either way, the fact that he has a distinct personality that drives the story forward is doing right for my money. It just happens that one interpretation does righter by him than the other.

      Ghidorah’s also been a mythic guardian spirit, a faceless Lovecraftian dimension-hopper, and three genetically engineered goblins from the future that got nuked in the past–there was always the possibility they could change things up (like Rodan’s possible characterization as an opportunistic shithead), especially seeing as how he also spends all his screentime earthbound. Both of us went in as spoiler-free as possible, so we were both just happy to see they had kept Ghidster an alien.

      Can you really cheat in a to-the-death monster fight? Is there a giant referee somewhere? Why hasn’t kaiju Jim Ross been doing commentary?

      • I feel like incapacitating your opponent when they are beating your ass is cheating. Like Gamera didn’t know Jiger could shoot solidified saliva missiles {real name]. He didn’t know she could impregnate him. They’re sucker punches. And sucker punches ain’t legal.

        Jiger made Gamera unable to withdraw his legs, then knocked him over onto his back and RAN AWAY. I cannot in good conscience give Jiger credit for that shit.

        Godzilla reffed the shit out of that Minya/Gabara fight. ‘Member when Gabara tried electrocuting the poor guy and Godzilla shut that shit down? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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