The June review is just getting later, buuuuuuuttt:

Kaijuly 100!

HOLY BALLS YOU GUYS! IT’S A KAIJULY MIRACLE!  As promised, I’m gonna stream a whole MESS of kaiju stuff over on starting this Saturday evening (probably like 6-ish?)! in the afternoon on Sunday the 15th!   Stay tuned for updates and feel free to throw suggestions at me!


Kaijuly is also stomping all over the Twitch stream I co-run, Super Apartment Friends! I’m going to (finally) give Super Godzilla another try tonight at 9, with more monsterrific gaming gauntlets throughout the month.  KAIJULY FEVER: CATCH IT!


I’m Queen Leodon!  #YASSSSKWEEN


The KAIJULY 100 stream is just around the corner, so I’ve rounded up a big fat playlist of kaiju krunchies, monster munchies, and dino delites! There are deffo some oddballs and curveballs in there too, including some stuff that I’ve never watched before! Those could be FUCKING HORRIBLE for all I know, but it wouldn’t be fun without a little danger, right? Start time TBD, but it’s a school night so I’m aiming to start in the afternoon and wrap up in the evening. Be there or Ghidorah will zap your little fanny!

Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster


  1. Three things:
    1. I get a kick out of your reviews as the ones I read contain all kinds of humor and most of the content I have on DVD. Heck i got nearly all of the godzilla movies.
    2. The name generator: DarkHydroDestroyer. what would that look like?
    3. Here are 3 people that you may want to meet in my home of the bluegrass state: Don Frye aka Capt. Gordon from Godzilla Final Wars is going to be at WonderFest which is first weekend of June in Louisville. Wonderfest is like G-Fest or Comicon but with more old school things and also model contests of model sculpture peoples have made. The suit actors for the millennium godzilla and ultraman at Supercon which is the same thing but more modern day. last weekend on novemeber also in Louisville.

    Hope to see you there.

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