Believe it or not, there is a March review in the works! I’m still trying to get back into my old monthly review groove, but I’m not quite there yet.  That makes this Facebook news all the more heartening:


Holy balls!  I started planning a celebratory movie marathon when we hit 200 likes a month or two ago, and out of nowhere we blew right through three hundo!  In a world full of social media professionals, Instagram models,  Twitter influencers, YouTube celebs, and whatever the fuck TikTok is, 300 likes on ye olde Book-Face might not seem like a big deal.  But for me, a random dipshit excitedly cussing on the internet about Godzilla, it’s insanely cool and exciting.  So that marathon?! OH YEAH BUDDY IT’S HAPPENIN’


Here’s a mind-bendingly subtle hint about one of the features in the lineup. Good luck solving this Da Vinci Code, fuckers.

This is our first marathon through Facebook’s Watch Party feature, so we’ll see how it goes! If it works as intended, it’ll probably be the future of MCTW movie marathons (easy to use, baked-in community text chat).  The mayhem starts Sunday, March 31st at 12 noon here:  See you then!!!



  1. Well i may not use my facebook account but I did watch a monster movie: The Giant Behemoth. Willis O Brien & Pete Peterson doing the stop-motion, a british take on The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and no romantic sub-plot shoehorned in.

    Downside: Monster doesn’t show up in all of its glory is until towards the end.

    P.S: Behemoth beat Gorgo/Ogra to london by just a year or two and the Brontosaurus from 1920s Lost World started it 34 years earlier.

    By the way, thoughts on my upcoming story?

    • Giant Behemoth definitely has a spot on my to-watch list! I’ve really enjoyed slowly working my way through O’Brien’s filmography as well as Ray Harryhausen’s. What stop motion lacks in kinetic chaos it definitely makes up for with verisimilitude!

      I’d love to see an infographic/timeline that tracks every monster rampage in every part of the world but as I’m thinking about it that *might* be impossible. LOL

      I haven’t had a chance to check out your stories yet, but don’t let that stop you (or even slow you down)! Keep knockin’ stuff out! I’ll hit you up with feedback when I make my way over there, but to be totally honest, I don’t know when that will be.

      • 1. Cool; saw first two episodes of anime ultraman. not what i was expecting but still entertaining to watch

        2. When I do start uploading my kaiju datafiles it will help flesh out the world a lot more.

        3. Understandable; the daily struggle that is life that our brains piloting our meat mechs is a hard one. Heck, this evening i was getting a start on a book review for a bible and environment course. also what is your deviantart account name, if you have one?

      • I’m gonna check out the Ultraman anime sooner than later, but my track record with anime outside of Studio Ghibli doesn’t leave me with super high hopes. Did you see the Godzilla anime?

        I do have a deviantart account but I haven’t done anything with it in close to a decade. It’s mostly old and mildly embarrassing stuff, but there are a couple gems on there (mostly the Pigmon portrait I use as a user icon and my ridiculous renderings of Mechaminya and Dry Baby Metal Wawaluigi Jr.):

  2. 1. I watched all episodes and very violent. lots of references to old shows. though still wish it was an anime of classic. did watch all 3 godzilla anime flicks and in order of best to bad:
    1. Planet Eater- Ghidorah influence strong……
    2. Planet of Monsters- interesting take on the King of the Monsters
    3. City on the Edge of Battle- The MMD battle on youtube i prefer.


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