It’s that magical time of year: Kaijuly! Artists are churning out daily kaiju pieces (as always I’m getting a big kick out of Lisa Naffziger’s work), lucky Chicago-bound lil’ stinkers will be hitting up G-Fest this weekend, and today is fricking Ultraman Day! Monsters Conquer the World and Super Apartment Friends are joining in the monster mayhem too! Ralph and I just recorded a Monsters Conquer the World Podcast episode about Gamera vs. Jiger! That’ll be popping up in your favorite podcatcher soon! It was really, really fun watching this with someone who had no idea what they were getting into.


I can earnestly say the episode will be worth a listen for Ralph’s monster impersonations alone.

But wait, there’s even more Kaijuly coolness! Czech it:

Over on Super Apartment Friends I’m gonna be playing kaiju games every Thursday night, 9-11pm Eastern time for the rest of the month! King of the Monsters (the Neo Geo kaiju wrestling cult classic), Gamera 2000, Godzilla Generations, the surprisingly well-made and beloved video game adaptation of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, a mess of Ultraman games, and more! Come yell at me as I do poorly at these games!


King of the Monsters is button-mashy arcadey fun… and the character select screen music fucking S L A P S.

On Sunday, July 28th I’ll host a monster movie marathon over on the Monsters Conquer the World Facebook page! We’ll kick off at 2pm Eastern time! Until then, hit up our Discord server and lob any creature feature requests you have my way! I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try my dangedest!


We are long overdue for a Godzilla vs. Megalon viewing.  I will try to honor requests, but this is non-negotiable.

And wouldn’t you know it?! Ultraman Day also falls during Kaijuly! This year’s Ultraman Day is nuckin’ futz due to some extremely exciting Ultra-news:


Ultra thanks to SciFi Japan for the good news!

I’ve been able to get by with janky DVDs, but I am insanely excited to finally have crisp, clear, high-def transfers of Ultraman and Ultra Q.  Those two series will be available October 15th, but Mill Creek has licensed THE ENTIRE ULTRA CATALOG.  That is 1100 TV episodes and 20 movies!  I’m sure it’ll take a while for ALL of that to get released, but it will be so goddamn radical to finally have access to the whole silver-and-red monster-mashing enchilada! If you need a fix RIGHT NOW you can hit up crunchyroll (free but with perks for subscribers) or Toku (subscription-only), but even those two avenues don’t cover everything.  For full details (including pre-order options) hit up the SciFi Japan article, and don’t miss the 10 minute previews!


No more blurry bullshit DVD screengrabs for my reviews!… in three months.


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